Keanu Reeves

For when you need a little more Keanu in your life (always)

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How to use this lifechanging service

Simply paste a link in this format, wherever you need him:[width]/[height]*/[options]*
* optional

If you don't specify a height, you'll get a square Keanu...
...shape-wise, that is, because Keanu is always mindblowingly awesome.

Available [options]

Note: Some Keanus are grayscale by default.

Some examples

If you, for instance, need a little more Keanu in your website projects, you can include him with an <img>:

<img src="" alt=""> Keanu Reeves

How does it work?

When you send a valid request to this website, a random photo of Keanu Reeves is displayed.

The photos are cached on your end for 1 day, which is why you don't get a new Keanu on every page load.

While some placeholder image websites dynamically create new images, this service is SVG-based. For this to work properly, all photos have been encoded to Base64.

Missing something? Found a bug?

Tweet at me (@alexandberg) and let me know! Would love to add some more features, if you've got any ideas.


All Keanus belong to their respective owners. See the full Keanu list for photo attributions.

The service itself is open-source, and you can find the source code on GitHub.